The DeLonghi EC702

The DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Machine

DeLonghi has been making fine espresso machines for generations, so it’s hard for them to outdo themselves. Even so, the EC702 is a very good attempt in that direction.

The DeLonghi EC702 has one of our favorite features: a pump-driven mechanism. Able to generate 15-bar, it provides you with the high pressure that’s essential to making the finest brew.

The EC702 lacks the brass boiler that you’ll find in professional commercial machines, but you won’t notice the difference in this case. The stainless steel boiler on this unit will keep your water at an even, high temperature throughout the process.

Two separate thermostats — one for steam, the other for water — help ensure that, too, no matter what you’re making. If you want steam at exactly the right temperature to make that perfect espresso, no problem. Set it to the ideal temperature for cappuccino when that’s your preference.

Along with the ability to brew a fine cup, this model offers maximum convenience. That starts with the substantial 44-ounce (1.3 liter) removable water tank. Making it removable means you can easily clean a key part of your machine and keep it clear of calcium build up without effort.

It also means you can produce ten 4-ounce shots before you have to refill. (You might think 11, but no machine can drain every drop.) That’s perfect for a good sized gathering in your home. Imagine holding a bridal shower one afternoon and being able to serve everyone at the same time. You can’t do that with many non-commercial espresso makers on the market.

The cup warmer on the bottom will help keep them steaming hot until you have a chance to pull one off the tray, too. And, with a cup storage tray on the machine, you can let it rest while you finish slicing the cheese or laying out the chocolates.

The dual-function filter holder is also handy. Pop in one to hold an ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pod for producing a fine brew with minimal effort. Change it to use that super fine grind from the new bean you’ve just discovered. Slide in a Sempre Cream filter to make a smooth carmel-colored crema every time.

The Cappucino System Frother is another DeLonghi specialty. The special chamber mixes steam and milk to produce a topping that all your guests will love. Not only does that make the espresso just a little more delicious, it makes for a great presentation as well. And after all, why shouldn’t a fine coffee look as good as it tastes?

The self-priming feature lets you create that fine cup with zero hassle, too. There’s no annoying start-up preparation with this model. The anti-drop design ensures you won’t have any annoying mess when you’re done, either.

Whether you’re making ten cups for a party, two for an intimate gathering, or just one to spoil yourself this model is great helper. Produce a delicious espresso, your ideal cappuccino, or the perfect latte and make any of them look like the professional photos you’ve seen. The DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, Stainless
lets you do that with low effort.