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Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffeemaker

When it comes to The Nespresso Concept D290, as the clever old saying goes: “For those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they’ll like.” That is, while this espresso maker has a lot to like, there are drawbacks that will put off many buyers.

The Nespresso Concept D290 offers a high-pressure pump-driven mechanism at the core of its design. The 19-bar it can produce is a key factor in squeezing every drop of flavor out the fine beans you work so hard to find. The drawback in this case is that, like other Nespresso models, you can’t find your own coffee. You’re locked in to using the blends Nespresso provides.

The Concept D290 (like the Essenza D90 and others) uses the proprietary Nespresso coffee capsule system. Those capsules are a sealed aluminum case that contains pre-selected grounds. The company offers a dozen different varieties, along with a couple of Limited Editions.

The specific blends change from time to time as their buyers find new, exotic blends.

Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffeemaker

For those looking for the ultimate in simplicity and ease of use, that’s a great system. It makes for a foolproof brewing process and easy clean up. You just pop the capsule in and the machine ejects it automatically when its done. You rinse out the removable parts later and you’re done. With a sealed capsule, there’s never any problem with air spoiling the bean, either.

But many espresso lovers prefer to use their key ingredient they might find everywhere and anywhere, and use it in different forms.

Some like to grind their own beans, and there are models with an integrated grinder to make that simple. They enjoy tamping the grounds to make them even for a smooth brew.

Other home baristas like to use ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods available from many different sources. That way, they get the convenience of not having to deal with grinding or with grounds. At the same time, the pod makes for effortless disposal and clean up.

Most importantly, the option to get a fine coffee from anywhere is essential for a lot of espresso lovers. Like wine aficionados, they love the hunt, the exploration for new blends. They eagerly exchange reviews with the like-minded from all over the world and thrill when finding a good new one.

“None of that is an option with The Nespresso Concept D290″.

On the upside, it would be hard to find a high-pressure machine that was any easier to use (other than another Nespresso, that is).

You fill the tank, plug in the machine, prime it once, insert a capsule and push one of the brew buttons for a pre-programmed style of shot. Short or lungo, you get your choice. Outside an ordinary Mr. Coffee drip machine, it just doesn’t get any simpler than that. And, admittedly, the Concept D290 does produce a good cup.

So, for those who really don’t want to become even an amateur barista, the Nespresso Concept D290 might just be the ideal choice. For those who want a bigger choice of beans, some flexibility in brewing, and extra features it might be best to look further.

Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffeemaker


The Nespresso C120 Espresso Maker

You would have to search far and wide to find a more stylish espresso maker than The Nespresso C120, also known as the Citiz & Milk. You would also have to look around a lot to find one simpler or safer to use. (To find one that equals it, you’d probably have to choose another Nespresso.)

Those aspects are all to the good and there are many Nespresso fans who just love this unit. But others may find it someone too limiting.

On the positive side, the C120 makes a fine cup. The Nespresso coffee buyers search far and wide to find good beans. They grind them just right and package the grounds to the right consistency to provide a stellar key ingredient. However, because the coffee is a key ingredient, some buyers will find that limiting themselves to Nespresso’s choices is just not acceptable.

Nespresso CitiZ C120 Automatic and programmable Espresso and Lungo Machine w/Frother, Black

Like others in its line, The C120 uses the company’s proprietary capsule system. Those are sealed aluminum ‘pods’ that ensure no air contaminates the grounds. They also make for supremely easy clean up and they’re recyclable. But Nespresso only offers a dozen blends, along with a couple of Limited Editions that change from time to time.

As examples, there is the Finezzo, a light bodied blend that uses fine Arabica beans that hail from high in Central America. On the other end of the scale is the Ristretto, a full-bodied blend of Arabicas from Columbia and Brazil, that also includes a dash of East African beans.

But many espresso lovers are endlessly curious. They have their favorites, of course. But they’re also always on a quest to find the next great bean. That search is frustrated at the outset with the C120 because you can only use the capsules you get from Nespresso. There’s no way to put your bean in their pod.

For those willing to accept that limitation, the C120 has a great deal to offer.

Like other models in the Nespresso line, it’s a great looking piece of equipment. This one in particular is a superb design effort. Fire engine red, cylindrical with a sidecar, it’s just a stunning countertop appliance.

It’s also as easy to use as other Nespresso machines, which means it’s virtually foolproof. You pop in the capsule, pour in the water, and press a button. For those who want milk added, that’s no problem here. You pour the amount you want into a special chamber before hitting the button. Simple and completely safe.

Despite that simplicity, you can make a variety of styles. Espresso is straightforward, of course, but so is making a latte or mocha with the the Aeroccino system. And, there’s none of the usual effort involved. No grinding, no tamping, no adjustments needed.

But that convenience is exactly what will take the fun out of it for some espresso lovers. Not only do they love to search for special blends, they love the process of using them. They enjoy grinding and tamping and adjusting. For those home baristas, The Nespresso C120 would probably be a poor choice, except possibly as a second machine.

Nespresso CitiZ C120 Automatic and programmable Espresso and Lungo Machine w/Frother, Black

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Nespresso C110 Espresso Maker

There’s no question that the Nespresso C110 is an elegant piece of equipment. Its retro look was clearly inspired by the Art Deco designs of the past. Yet, it has the most up-to-date technology any espresso lover could want. Even so, it’s a true specialty machine that may not be for everyone.

The C110 (also known as the Citiz) is like so many others in Nespresso’s line: high tech, high fashion, but locked into using the company’s proprietary capsule system. The grounds are in a sealed aluminum container that is ultra-easy to insert and remove.

That’s both an advantage and a drawback. The sealed capsule ensures that air will never spoil your grinds. You get a fresh cup every time. But Nespresso offers a limited number of blends — a dozen with a few Limited Editions produced every year.

Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker

Many will enjoy the ease of use and easy clean up. Many will love the stylish look that also produces a stellar shot with a machine that is super easy to use. But there are also many who enjoy hunting for that special blend and won’t want to be locked into the relatively small selection. And, you can purchase them only from Nespresso.

Anyone who is ok with those limitations will enjoy a fine brew in a short time. Pop in a capsule, add water to a 1-liter container and press a button. Thirty seconds later you have a fine espresso. (You do have a choice of making it short or lungo.)

With the C110, you don’t have to worry about tamping grounds, setting the temperature, or any other task that often goes into making a fine cup. The unit does it all. It also turns off automatically so you don’t have to worry about burning anything.

There is no need to clean the interior parts either. A simple wipe of the drip mold occasionally is all that’s required. You can pop the top of the capsule and use the grounds for composting if you drink a lot of coffee. Otherwise, just recycle the container and you’re almost done. The removable drip tray takes only seconds to rinse.

But that easy clean up also means a lack of features. There’s no frother. (The C120 offers one integrated into the unit.) There’s no steam wand, no single or dual filters, and no integrated bean grinder. For those who want that sort of flexibility in an espresso maker, it’s best to look elsewhere.

The C110 does offer compensating advantages though. Apart from the truly stylish design, the unit takes up very little counter space. At a mere 5 inches wide x 14 inches deep and 11 inches tall you can tuck this little baby just about anywhere. At 3.5 pounds it’s also lightweight, so if you tuck it somewhere pulling it out again is effortless,also it comes in assortment of colors White,Red,Aluminum,Titanium.

The Nespresso C110 also offers a 19-bar pressure pump, so it can really squeeze the flavor out of those grounds. If only you could select your own, this machine would be a perfect single-serve unit.

Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker, Red

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Nespresso C100T Essenza Espresso Maker

Like others in the Nespresso line, the C100T is an extraordinary espresso maker… for those willing to embrace its limitations.

The C100T Essenza — like the C110, C120, D290, and others — uses the proprietary Nespresso capsule system. That’s a sealed aluminum container that holds grounds the company’s buyers have scoured the world to find. But they come in limited varieties. Nespresso offers about a dozen (along with a few extra Limited Edition blends that change from time to time). They prepare the grounds and manufacture the capsules, which are only available from Nespresso.

But also like those other units the C100T not only makes an outstanding brew, it does so while being ultra easy to use. It doesn’t hurt, either, that the maker is a highly stylish appliance. Good taste, simplicity, and high fashion. What’s not to love?

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Well, some home baristas would prefer to have a wider choice of coffees, to begin with. They enjoy the search for the latest fine bean. They enjoy grinding them, tamping them, and experimenting with the settings on their espresso machine.

Then again, many do not. Many will love the fact that the C100T makes producing a single serving of fine coffee foolproof. Fill this compact unit with water, pop in a capsule, hit the button and wait about 30 seconds. Then enjoy a great shot prepared exactly the same way each time.

Part of that quality is the key ingredient to be sure. Nespresso buyers search high and low for outstanding beans. But it’s also the result of the 19-bar of pressure this amazing little model produces. It’s very rare to find such a small device create such a high pressure and it really helps squeeze every drop of flavor from the grounds. At the same time, the ThermoBlock heater ensures that pressurized water is even at all times.

You can also rest assured that air will never contaminate your grounds with this system. The sealed capsules keep for a long, long time. Just lift the chrome handle and drop one in the slot when you’re ready to brew.

The 40-ounce clear removable reservoir in back is also nice. It’s easy to fill simply by turning the unit around or removing it and holding it under the faucet. Nice that you can see the water level at a glance from the side, too.

The on/off switch is on the lower right, easy to access and yet not obtrusive. The simple rocker requires only a gentle flip up or down to operate. The soft-touch rubber buttons on the front are equally easy to use. Just select a short (single) or lungo (double) and go.

Once you’re done, clean up is equally easy. Just pull out the drip tray and remove the spent capsules from the storage area, which holds about a dozen. (The used capsules drop into it automatically when you lift the chrome handle.) The tray takes seconds to rinse and replace.

So, here’s the bottom line. For those who want an espresso machine that offers numerous operational controls, lots of extra features, and the ability to select any bean in the world, look elsewhere. But for those who want the ultimate in simplicity and ease of use combined with easy clean up, this maker is a great choice.

It doesn’t hurt that The Nespresso C100T is also one very stylish espresso machine.

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Nespresso D90 Essenza Single-Serve Manual Espresso Machine

Nespresso D90 Essenza Single-Serve Manual Espresso Machine

For a machine at such a modest price, the Nespresso D90 Essenza delivers some amazing features. Still, there are some drawbacks you need to know about before deciding.

The D90 Essenza produces an amazing 19-bar of pressure. That’s almost unheard of in a machine that sells for an entry-level price. Luckily, it makes a far better than entry-level cup. That pressure is one of the key reasons why, since it helps squeeze every drop of flavor out of your coffee.

Also surprising is the inclusion of a ThermoBlock heating system. More than just a marketing buzzword, this mechanism ensures plenty of heat. Combining with its electronic temperature regulation, the D90 distributes it well throughout the system. That provides an even brew from start to finish, another key factor in producing a superior shot.

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You’ll get plenty of it, too, thanks to the 34-ounce water tank. Happily, it’s removable for easy fill and clean up. At 34-ounces you have plenty of coffee to serve all your guests at the same time. And, since the tank is removable, you can easily use specialty de-calcification products or a simple mixture of vinegar and baking soda once a month to rinse away any build-up. Keeping your tank clean helps keep your brews top notch.

There is one limitation that causes this model to be put on the “Not for everyone” list, though. The Nespresso D90 Essenza uses proprietary coffee capsules that must be purchased from Nespresso. That’s a surprising design choice and will limit acceptance of an otherwise fine machine.

If you find capsules with a brew you like, excellent. Nespresso offers a number of pre-measured single-serve capsules in a number of blends. They offer a dozen varieties in single shot and double shot sizes.

But being required to purchase them from Nespresso is limiting. Most consumers want to purchase their key ingredient anywhere and everywhere and in different forms. You can’t use ESE pods or grounds, if you prefer; you’re locked into their capsules.

It certainly is convenient; you won’t have to tamp your grounds. And, the design makes it a breeze to dispose of the coffee when you’re done brewing. A used-capsule drawer can hold up to 14 spent capsules so you don’t necessarily have to dump one in the trash can the instant you want to make another shot.

The unit offers maximum simplicity in another way: there are only two buttons. To the left of the spout there’s a red On/Off button, to the right, a green brewing button. That certainly makes the whole operation as straightforward as possible. On the downside, many espresso lovers will miss the external hot water spout, a steam wand, and other extra features supplied by so many espresso machines.

Someone looking for the ultimate in ease of use will find the Nespresso D90 Essenza attractive, especially given the high pressure and the low price. But for those who want a little more flexibility, particularly with the main ingredient, best to look elsewhere.

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