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Nespresso C100T Essenza Espresso Maker

Like others in the Nespresso line, the C100T is an extraordinary espresso maker… for those willing to embrace its limitations.

The C100T Essenza — like the C110, C120, D290, and others — uses the proprietary Nespresso capsule system. That’s a sealed aluminum container that holds grounds the company’s buyers have scoured the world to find. But they come in limited varieties. Nespresso offers about a dozen (along with a few extra Limited Edition blends that change from time to time). They prepare the grounds and manufacture the capsules, which are only available from Nespresso.

But also like those other units the C100T not only makes an outstanding brew, it does so while being ultra easy to use. It doesn’t hurt, either, that the maker is a highly stylish appliance. Good taste, simplicity, and high fashion. What’s not to love?

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Well, some home baristas would prefer to have a wider choice of coffees, to begin with. They enjoy the search for the latest fine bean. They enjoy grinding them, tamping them, and experimenting with the settings on their espresso machine.

Then again, many do not. Many will love the fact that the C100T makes producing a single serving of fine coffee foolproof. Fill this compact unit with water, pop in a capsule, hit the button and wait about 30 seconds. Then enjoy a great shot prepared exactly the same way each time.

Part of that quality is the key ingredient to be sure. Nespresso buyers search high and low for outstanding beans. But it’s also the result of the 19-bar of pressure this amazing little model produces. It’s very rare to find such a small device create such a high pressure and it really helps squeeze every drop of flavor from the grounds. At the same time, the ThermoBlock heater ensures that pressurized water is even at all times.

You can also rest assured that air will never contaminate your grounds with this system. The sealed capsules keep for a long, long time. Just lift the chrome handle and drop one in the slot when you’re ready to brew.

The 40-ounce clear removable reservoir in back is also nice. It’s easy to fill simply by turning the unit around or removing it and holding it under the faucet. Nice that you can see the water level at a glance from the side, too.

The on/off switch is on the lower right, easy to access and yet not obtrusive. The simple rocker requires only a gentle flip up or down to operate. The soft-touch rubber buttons on the front are equally easy to use. Just select a short (single) or lungo (double) and go.

Once you’re done, clean up is equally easy. Just pull out the drip tray and remove the spent capsules from the storage area, which holds about a dozen. (The used capsules drop into it automatically when you lift the chrome handle.) The tray takes seconds to rinse and replace.

So, here’s the bottom line. For those who want an espresso machine that offers numerous operational controls, lots of extra features, and the ability to select any bean in the world, look elsewhere. But for those who want the ultimate in simplicity and ease of use combined with easy clean up, this maker is a great choice.

It doesn’t hurt that The Nespresso C100T is also one very stylish espresso machine.

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