Delonghi EC155 Black Silver Epresso Maker

Delonghi EC155 Black Silver Epresso Maker

It’s odd. The DeLonghi EC155 is usually considered a mid-level espresso maker, not top of the line. We can only imagine that view must be based on the low price alone because, when considering its list of features, it’s a stellar unit.

That list starts with the EC155’s outstanding professional appearance. True, those interested in a great shot are naturally most concerned with great function. But an espresso maker is also an appliance, so why not have something good looking in the kitchen?

The EC155 has a professional feature few low-price coffee makers offer: a pump-driven mechanism. Typically, less expensive machines are driven by steam. That limits the amount of pressure they can deliver. Professional baristas know that truly high pressure is a big help for making a truly superior brew. Creating 15-bar from the pump, this model will never fall short in that area.

Unlike many professional models, the boiler is stainless steel rather than brass. But that’s to be expected in a mid-level model. To get brass would raise the price considerably. No one will have any reason to be disappointed in the results, though. The EC155 makes an outstanding brew. Temperature control is not quite as uniform with stainless steel, but when the model is well-made the difference is minor.

One reason is the EC155’s dual-function filter holder. This ingenious mechanism lets air enter during the brewing process, resulting in a superior crema.

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With a 1-liter (35 oz) removable water tank, you’ll be able to create plenty of it, too. Since it is removable, clean up is easier. Many espresso maker owners get a little lax about mineral buildup. It can be a pain to de-calcify some models. With a removable tank, there’s no reason to forego the effort. Pour on a little vinegar-baking soda mixture in the sink and voila! No more calcium carbonate.

The unit also holds ESE pods (Easy Serving Espresso) to make creating your first-rate brew a low-grade effort. Popping one in makes it simple to create a cup without spooning. Dumping it out afterward makes clean up simpler.

There are other convenience features onboard here, such as the swivel jet frother. Adding a nice foamy touch to your cup is a breeze. For some, it might be a little close to the countertop. Ditto the spigot. That’s less than ideal, but easily solved. Place an attractive wooden or marble block on the counter, then the EC155 on the block. Beauty and function pleasantly combined. Of course, even that’s not necessary if you use standard-sized espresso and frother cups.

Those are minor limitations for a machine that makes such a fine brew at such a modest price. There’s nothing modest about its ambition: to make an espresso that is second to none every time. We’re happy to note that’s a goal at which this coffee maker succeeds with ease. Overall, the DeLonghi EC155 is a great value