DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

There’s something a little odd about presuming to offer a review of an espresso maker. After all, don’t you have to actually taste the coffee? And isn’t that ultimately a matter of taste? Sure, but the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica shows that a blend of objective attributes and enthusiastic espresso lovers offer something worth heeding.

Note, for example, the integrated burr-style coffee grinder. Baristas amateur and professional alike know that the freshest grounds are a must for the freshest, most delicious brew. Having a grinder on board, then, is more than just a convenience. It’s a must. And, with a 7-ounce bean container you can easily fill the tank, then remove and dispose of the grounds.

The goodness continues with two stainless steel boilers, providing you with stellar heat distribution. Why is that important? Because, again as the pros know and the espresso enthusiast soon discovers, hot spots spoil the brew. A mixture of burnt and underdone coffee can’t be good, right? With 1150 watt, you’ll never have to worry about creating the high heat needed to make that really zingy French Roast, either.

It’s equally good to keep the espresso at an even temperature after the initial brew. After all, unless you make only one cup at a time, you’ll have more to enjoy after the first. Those second, third, and fourth cups should – and could – be as good as the first provided the brew doesn’t sit too long, of course. With an instant reheat feature to keep the liquid at the ideal temperature while you enjoy your cup, the ESAM3300 Magnifica makes that effort, well, effortless.

An electronic thermostat ensures accuracy in the brew while giving you accurate readings. And, an adjustable spigot is just the thing for those varying sized cups you and your guests enjoy. You can use this unit just as easily with everything from the tiniest espresso cup to a tall travel mug. The Cappucino System rotates 180 degrees to accommodate any size milk container, too.

Naturally, you have many things to keep track of during your day and forgetting to shut off the espresso maker after you’ve finished your drink isn’t always uppermost in mind. So, thankfully, DeLonghi has provided this unit with a 3-hour shutoff function to ensure your safety, and the well being of your machine.

That convenience extends in other directions, as well.

Everyone finds caring for their espresso maker one of their least favorite things to do. DeLonghi shrunk that effort from “horrible” to “not bad” by incorporating a 60-ounce removable water reservoir for easy maintenance. Build up of calcium need never occur here because you don’t want to slog through a cleaning session. The machine even tells you when you need to de-calcify. That attention to details to make your life easy extends even to the removable drip tray.

Is the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica objectively a superb piece of equipment? We don’t know how to make that assertion for everyone. But the facts suggest it is, and our experience says, “Yes, oh, yes.”

Features of DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magifica

Automatic Push-Button Brewing
The Magnifica’s straightforward brewing controls make it easy to customize your drink. Start by choosing the amount of coffee you’d like to brew between 1/2 oz and 6oz with the volume selector knob on the front of the machine. Then, use the strength selector knob to determine how strong you’d like your cup of coffee. After you’ve made these choices, just press the 1-cup or the 2-cup button, and the Magnifica 3300 will grind, tamp, and brew your coffee automatically. If you’ve selected the 2-cup brewing cycle, the Magnifica will double the amount of liquid you’ve selected to brew, so you can get up to 12oz of piping hot coffee in a single step.

Double Boiler System
The Magnifica 3300 has a double boiler system, a feature not found on many home super automatic espresso machines. With a stainless steel-lined brew boiler and a separate boiler just for steam, you can go back and forth between brewing and steaming with no wait time. This is a great feature for people who love to entertain, or are just in a rush when they make their morning coffee.

Low-Pitch Conical Burr Grinder
The Magnifica 3300 has a low-pitch conical burr grinder that will create an even, fine grind. This is especially important for early morning brewing when the last thing you want to hear is a high-pitched coffee grinder. The grinder features 7 fineness settings, and to change them, simply lift the door of the 7oz bean hopper and turn the knob to the setting of your choice.

Pre-Ground Coffee Doser
Adding pre-ground coffee to the Magnifica 3300 is easy with the bypass doser, located on the top of the machine. The bypass doser lets you use pre-ground coffee, so you can brew a decaf coffee for a guest when you’ve already got regular beans in your hopper.

Patented Cappuccino System Frother
Mastering the art of frothing milk can take time and practice. However, the DeLonghi Magnifica’s Cappuccino System has been designed to make it easy for anyone to create creamy frothed and steamed milk. This frothing wand attachment carefully mixes just the right amount of steam and air with the milk in your pitcher, and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Instant Hot Water Dispensing
For those who enjoy tea, hot chocolate, americanos, or instant soups, the steam wand also serves as a hot water dispenser. Hot water is controlled by a button on the front panel of the machine.

Removable Brew Group
DeLonghi has incorporated their patented removable brew group into the Magnifica 3300, making it extremely easy to clean. Simply open the access door behind the drip tray, grasp the two red buttons, and remove the brew group for easy rinsing with warm water. Regular cleaning without detergent is necessary to ensure proper and consistent brewing.

2-Step Pre-Infusion Cycle
Pre-infusion is the key to getting the most aromatic and flavorful extraction from your coffee beans. The Magnifica 3300 features a 2-step pre-infusion cycle that automatically moistens the grounds before brewing. The result? Rich espresso with a thick layer of crema every time you brew.

Removable Water Reservoir
A large, 60oz water reservoir is located on the side of the Magnifica 3300 and blends in seamlessly with the housing of the machine. It has a visible water level indicator and is easily removable for refilling and cleaning.

Removable Drip Tray and Dump Box
The removable drip tray and internal dump box make cleaning and maintaining the Magnifica very easy. The drip tray features a red indicator that pops out of the drip tray cover when the tray needs to be emptied. In addition, when the dump box is full, a dedicated indicator light on the front of the machine will begin flashing to alert you to empty the dump box.

Adjustable Coffee Dispensing Nozzle
Because the Magnifica 3300 can create a wide variety of drinks, you’ll want to use several different cup sizes. The adjustable coffee dispensing nozzle can accommodate cups from small espresso shot glasses to 12oz latte cups.

Automatic Cleaning
The Magnifica will alert you whenever you need to run a decalcification cycle, typically every 2 to 3 months depending on use. When you first set up your machine, you will use the included water hardness test kit to program the machine with your home’s level of water hardness.

Housing Material
ABS plastic
Smoked silver
1350 watts
14″H x 11″W x 15″D
21 lbs
2-year warranty

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